About Us

  Acg Cooler International Limited is a company that focuses on all kinds of heat- sinks and relating hardware. We have been committed to helping our customers to solve thermal issues and provide the best thermal solutions by selling standard parts and customized parts. We have very excellent expertise on heat sink design, engineering and manufacturing. Best quality and service are always in our core value

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Acg Cooler can help customer to do the heatsink stimulation and analyse which design is the best solution.We are very professional

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Acg cooler has the ability and capacity to manufacture the heat sinks, CNC parts, and all kinds of rapid prototyping

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our factory is located in Dongguan City, GuangDong Province,China. As a global heat sink supplier, ACG Cooler is engaged in serving customers with world-class products and competitive price. We offer abroad range of heat sink manufacturing processes, along with precision manufacturing that strictly complies with ISO9001,ISO14001 certification specifics.Our products are Rohs compliant and we fully adhered to EICC conflict-free smelters programs to assure our customers of getting quality and affordable products. All employees in our company are trained before being arranged to any workshops, in order to ensure the requirements of our customers to be known individually. The stimulating working rules and generous benefits help us earn a lot of qualified employees,which makes us have high efficiency of production output.

  ACG Cooler products includes the following

extruded heat sink.jpg

Extruded heat sink

finned heat sink.jpg

Finned heat sink

skived fin.jpg

Skived fin heat sink

Pin fin heat sink.jpg

Pin fin heat sink

CPU cooler.jpg

CPU cooler

Rapid Prototyping.jpg

Rapid prototyping

ACG Cooler is very experienced in variety of heat sinks design and manufacturing, we are innovative for the thermal solutions.

  Our Certificate

We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we are offering. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14001 and our stringent quality control system. 

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  ACG Cooler has huge capability of designing and manufacturing heat sinks, we own cutting 

machines, CNC machines, high pressing machines, etc. Also we have thermal resistance 

testing lab and assembling lines. This helps us to have one stop service easily from initial thermal 

analysis, top-gun trial run and final mass production for our customers. 

We commit to the best service for our customers from original thermal analysis, mechanical design & following effective quotation, through a timely trial of prototype to the end of mass production. We have special teams to support locally for post-sales. Simply stated, we promise to serve our customers with high quality, competitive cost products to meet your request in any possible ways.  

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