Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink For Electronics

Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink For Electronics

Acg Cooler is very experienced in producing many kinds of extruded heat sinks, cpu heat sinks ,cooler, pin fin, zipper fin, and aluminum base.

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Electronic Aluminum Extrusion Heat Sink

Heat sink is a component that used for electronic devices,  every electronics would create heat, if the heat can not be dissipated in time, it would affect the chip or the CPU. so heat sink and cooler is a very important component in a electronic devices.

Electronic heat sinks have many varieties: chipset heatsink, CPU heat sink, extrusion heat sink, skived fin heat sink, bga heat sink, soldering heat sink, pin fin heat sink and so on. below are the varieties of heat sinks that we can produce:

Electronic-heatsink-68-W-45-H-27 (2)

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