CNC Machining Heat Sink Fins

CNC Machining Heat Sink Fins

Acg Cooler is very experienced in producing many kinds of extruded heat sinks, cpu heat sinks ,cooler, pin fin, zipper fin, and aluminum base.

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CNC Machining heat sink fins

As fin is an inevitable part of heat sink, it's  critical for heat dissipation, but there are varieties of heat sink fins, different fins have different machining approaches.

2mm-air-gap-heatsink-120-W-52 (1)
2mm-air-gap-heatsink-120-W-52 (2)


Aluminum extrusion heat sink fins:

it's a very simple fin, and the machining is very usual, firstly, the heat sink body comes from the aluminum ingot, then cut to length and cross cut,CNC.......

Pin fins:

Pin fins are often made by cross cut and cold forging. it's a regular way to produce pin fin heat sinks.

Skived fins:

Skived fins are machined by sepcial machine and techology, it's cut from a aluminum or copper block piece by piece.

Zipper fins:

Zipper fins are made by stamping machines, often it needs a specified mold.

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