Aluminum Heat Sink Dissipation

Aluminum Heat Sink Dissipation

We can do any kinds of aluminum and copper heat sinks, including aluminum extrusion, copper and aluminum fins, plate, and block.

Product Details

Product information:

length: dimension as customer's request

width:dimension as customer's request

height:dimension as customer's request

process: extrusion cross cutting and CNC


surface:color as customer's request

soft tooling: ok


note: the spec should under the extrusion ratio, otherwise it can't be extruded.

Large-surface-custom-heatsink-240-W-41 (1)

Large-heatsink-380-W-40-5-H (1)


We offer a broad range of aluminum sandard extruded heat sinks, If a standard heatsink profile is not available we use our extensive experience of aluminium extrusion and working with customers to create a customised heatsink that is both thermally efficient and cost effective.

our benefits from having all manufacturing and finishing processes is avaialble in our company and as a result can offer fast and flexible service to its customers. This compares markedly with much of the heatsink supply chain which imports and distributes heatsinks but suffers from a distinct lack of flexibility and ability to respond quickly. This allows our customers to hold much lower heatsink inventory levels because we can respond quickly and reliably to short lead time requirements.

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