Heat Sink Extrusion

Heat Sink Extrusion

45.2 mm flow length x 41.4 mm width x 11.7 mm height. This Aluminum heat sink mounts with Brass Push Pins and has a Black Anodize finish.

Product Details

  Heat sink extrusion of Acg Cooler includes standard heat sink extrusions and custom heat sink extrusions. In the manufacturing process, the aluminum ingot is pushed through a tooling to get a extrusion bar. then the heat sink body is machined of the extrusion bar. each process is designed for customer's requirement. Below is the one of standard heat sink extrusions spec:

Length: 41.4 mm (1.63 in.)

Width: 45.2 mm (1.78 in.)

Height: 11.7 mm (0.461 in.)

Standoff: 0 mm (0 in.)

Device: BGA, FPGA

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Black Anodize or customized

Heat Sink Mounting Direction: Horizontal, Vertical 

Heat Sink Mounting: Brass Push Pins

Device Attachment: Push Pin

RoHS: Compliant

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