Electronic Cooling Aluminum Heat Sinks

Electronic Cooling Aluminum Heat Sinks

Acg Cooler is very experienced in producing many kinds of extruded heat sinks, cpu heat sinks ,cooler, pin fin, zipper fin, and aluminum base.

Product Details

As we are entering the electronic information time, the technology of electronic is progressing every minute, the power is much higher than before, every electronic device  creates heat, so heat sink is a necessarities for electronic industry.

the heat sink is classified two major kinds: air cooler and liquid cooler.

the air cooler is used wildly in the world, it is made of good thermal conductive materials like aluminum or copper to dissipate the heat.

the liquid cooler is filled with liquid usually is water and recycle to take the heat, it's a new technology.

Acg Cooler has the ability to build many kinds of heat sinks and coolers, we are experienced and resourceful.

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