Extruded Aluminum Bga Heat Sink

Extruded Aluminum Bga Heat Sink

The heat sink measures 25.02 mm flow length x 25.02 mm width x 9.91 mm height. This Aluminum heat sink mounts with Tape and has a Black Anodize finish. Representative Image Only

Product Details

Product Overview

                          Part Number:800001
Length: 25.02 mm (0.985 in.)

Width: 25.02 mm (0.985 in.)

Height: 9.91 mm (0.39 in.)

Standoff: 0 mm (0 in.)

Device: BGA, FPGA

Material: Aluminum

Finish: Black Anodize

Heat Sink Mounting Direction: Horizontal, Vertical 

Heat Sink Mounting: Tape

Device Attachment: T405R Chomerics Tape for Metal Surfaces

RoHS: Compliant

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