Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink China

Aluminum Extruded Heat Sink China

Heat sink spec: Length:customized Width: customized Height:customized surface treatment:black anodized, natural anodized or customized. Rohs:Yes the extruded heat sink should follow the extrusion ratio: Related products:

Product Details

1, Heat Sink Material Aluminum 6063;

2, Size: 60 mm; 

3, Color: Nature;

4, Certification: ISO 9001 , SGS, ROHS; 

5, All material are safe and approved;

6, OEM, ODM;

7, Description: China OEM Die Cast Extruded Aluminum Round Sunflower Type Radial Heat Sink

Aluminum-heatsink-64-W-34-H-76 (1)
Aluminum-heatsink-64-W-34-H-76 (3)

Heat Sink Main Process

1, Heat Sink Aluminum Material 6063, 6061,5062, steel etc.

2, Heat Sink Extrusion; 

3, Heat Sink Cutting;

4, Heat Sink CNC;

5, Heat Sink Grinding;

6, Heat Sink Grinding;

7, Heat Sink Printing;

8, Heat Sink Assembly;

9, Heat Sink 100% inspect;

10, Heat Sink Measure;

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