Extruded Heat Sink Material

Extruded Heat Sink Material

Acg Cooler can produce a lot of extruded heat sinks products, we are very experienced in design, manufacturing, we can help customer to find a best performance heat sinks to meet customer's request.

Product Details

  Choosing a optimal extruded heat sink material, at first you should  think about  overall dimensions and weight, the specified Thermal Resistance (in °C/W), and the extrusion shape (flat-back, flat-back with gap, hollow, double-sided, etc.). So the ideal extruded heat sink is not the expensive and big , it's the best price and performance for your products.

Material: Aluminum

Process: extrusion

Dimension: Customized

Surface treatment: black anodized, natural anodized or customized

Rohs: Yes

Extruded heat sink products:

extruded aluminum heat sink enclosure.jpgextruded aluminum fin heat sink.jpg

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