LED Street Lamp Heat Sink Extrusion Process

LED Street Lamp Heat Sink Extrusion Process

Acg Cooler is a expertise of producing extruded heat sinks, we are experienced in thermal products, hardwares.

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Extrusion heat sink is very common in thermal area, the lower cost , short lead time, and low defective rate, it's a very good thermal choice. below is the process of extruded heat sink.


firstly, the heat sink extrusion should follow the extrusion ratio. that make the heat sink can be extruded.


At the beginning the heated aluminum ingot is put into the extrusion tooling, then we can make the extrusion bar

  • Then  we need to cut the length of the extrusion bar, the length is customized and cross cut if needed. 

  • After cutting the HS body will be transferred to etching line, to remove the burrs.

  • The HS will be drilled the holes and remove the fins by CNC.

  • The heat sink will be black anodized or natrual anodized as customer's request.

  • Finally the assembled heat sinks are packed to deliver to customer.

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