Large Aluminum Heatsink

Large Aluminum Heatsink

Extrusion heat sink is a very normal cooler, it has a cheap cost and good performance, we can do any kinds of aluminum extrusion heat sink if it under the extrusion ratio

Product Details

1>Heat Sink Material: Aluminum;

2>Size: (customized)

3>Color: customized

4>Certification: ISO9001, SGS, ROHS;

5>All material are safe and approved;


Diode-heat-sink-440-W-57-H (2)

Custom Large Aluminum Extrusion Heatsink with Heat Pipe

1, Heat Sink Aluminum Material 6063,6061,5052,steel etc.

2, Heat Sink Extrusion;

3, Heat Sink Cutting;

4, Heat Sink CNC; 

5, Heat Sink Grinding;

6, Heat Sink Anodizing;

7, Heat Sink Printing;

8, Heat Sink Assembly;

9, Heat Sink 100% inspect;

10, Heat Sink Measure;

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