Standard Extruded Heat Sinks

Standard Extruded Heat Sinks

Acg Cooler is very profesional of producing many kinds of extruded heat sinks, Standard or customized heat sink extrusion.

Product Details

  Extruded heat sink can be made in varieties of shapes, basically different specification is for different need. Aluminum extruded heat sinks include custom heat sink and standard heat sink, if the standard extruded heat sink can meet the request, then it can save the tooling cost for customer.


Length: 40mm

Width: 40 mm

Height: 25mm

Surface treatment: black anodize.

Rohs: Yes.

Note: the dimensions  can be customized, also the surface treatment can be customized.

aluminum heat sink extrusion.jpgextruded heat sink stock.jpgheat sink extrusion china.jpg

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