Transistor Heat Sink Aluminum Profiles

Transistor Heat Sink Aluminum Profiles

Acg Cooler is very profesional of producing many kinds of extruded heat sinks, Standard or customized heat sink extrusion.

Product Details

Transistor heat sinks are usually made of aluminum materials, the heat sink come from extrusion or stamping. it's a wildely used and very cheap heat sinks.

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Acg Cooler is very experienced in  making this kind of heat sinks, and we can quote the most aggressive price and provide the best services. it's appreciated that any inquiry from you.

Advantages of aluminum profile

1. Small density, light quality

2. Using both the hot and cold processing, have very strong corrosion resistance.

3. The global aluminum content is very high, is abundant.

4. Can have very good ductility, can make light alloy with a lot of metal elements, the material quality.

5. High plasticity, good productive, for production has a good advantage.

6. Good casting performance

7. The surface processing performance is good

8. Chemical performance is stable, no magnetic, can be repeated recycling, is a virtuous cycle of metal materials.

9. The elastic coefficient is small, can't afford to friction collision sparks, only the process of performance is the best.

10. Nuclear radiation resistance

11. No metal pollution, no toxicity, no volatile metal surface oxide layer.

12. Have a good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, good performed  in short distance transmission.

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