The Friction Welding Water Cold Plate Technology Is Used For The Heat Dissipation Of The New Energy Automobile Power Battery.

- Mar 08, 2018-

The friction welding water cold plate technology is used for the heat dissipation of the new energy automobile power battery.

Water cooling technology has been widely used electronic, electrical, instrumentation and other industries, the cooling effect is better than the average of air-cooled radiator, and quiet, no noise, energy consumption is much lower than the air-filled, so had a good popularization and application.The type of water cold plate is many, use for different instrument, the design of water cold board is not same, the material that USES also differs somewhat, in production craft also can differ.There are many kinds of water cold plate radiators. This paper mainly introduces the production technology of friction stir welding water cold plate.

Friction welding water cooled process has advantages of flexible design, no obvious solder joints and high reliability, can realize water cold plate processing is very thin, so in the new energy vehicles widely used on power battery cooling, can the whole water cold plate thickness is 5 to 7 mm, meets the requirements of lightweight.The application of friction stir welding technology enables designers to design more flexibly, or to better turn the inspiration of thermal designers into products.In addition, water cooled channel will be easier because of the application of the friction welding process, channel can be designed into a single channel can be designed into multi-channel, or USES the hollow extrusion type welding way, you can achieve rapid mass production, production capacity can be greatly improved.

Friction welding is a method to achieve thermoplastic state by using the workpiece end surface to move and rub against each other.Friction stir welding pipes finished product delivery is completed when the water see solder joints and weld, general friction stir welding was carried out on the products with the same material welding, after welding to complete as a whole, and disposable water pipes, there is no difference between processing and shaping reliability than traditional process welding of water pipes.

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