Top Quality Aluminum Heat Sink Extrusion for Welding Controller

- Oct 06, 2019-

At present, from mold-designing, mold-making, profiles-extruding, machinery-processing, testing thermal resistance, making thermal image, optimizing the design of power dissipation to finished radiator, all solely completed by our factory, thereby greatly reducing the supply cycle and improving product quality to meet the users` demand better.

Our advantage
At present, the enterprise has become a leading enterprise and created "Nine of the most" in the domestic counterparts.

  • Design ability is the strongest

  • Maximum machining equipments

  • Extrusion equipment is the most advanced

  • Welding equipment is the most advanced (no welding accessories)

  • The widest processing size at one time (800mm) 

  • The longest perimeter extruded at one time (14,000mm)

  • The most new products (Several hundreds) 

  • The biggest solo product power (Wind-cooling radiator 20,000W, liquid-cooling radiator 10,000W.)

  • The best testing equipment (Wind-resistant and heat-resistant curve testing machines), with the ability of producing radiators more than 3,000 tons annually.

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