The Prototype By Precision Machining Rapid Prototyping Machine Parts

The Prototype By Precision Machining Rapid Prototyping Machine Parts

Prototype is made to test the performance before hard tooling, it requires the quality, lead often manufactured by CNC,lathe,wire cut,etc.ACG Cooler has the expertise and resource to do the rapid prototype.

Product Details

the prototype.jpg

Product Introduction

The prototype is made to vertify the feasibility of design. In the beginning of the design, we will not hard tool the product as we don't know if the design is feasible, but we need to test the performance, so we can make some prototypes by machine manufacturing, like CNC, wire cutting,lathing,etc. makeing prototypes can be more flexible and also can save the time and cost for vertifing. ACG can make all kinds of soft tooling parts, rapid prototyping. 


Product Parameter

MaterialSpecificationSurface treatmentPacking method
Customized, Copper,SUS
Every size,measurement,tolerance is customized.
Anodize,electropalte,copper wash,and other customer requestwe can pack the product as customer request.

Product Details

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Prototype made by CNC

We use CNC to manufacture the product,it can be more flexible and faster.Also it's accurate for every size.


Prototype made by lathing

We are very experienced in lathing to make the screws,push pins and other lathe parts.

stamping part.jpg

prototype made by wire cutting

when you want to make some small volume stamping parts,wire cutting is a very good choice, then you can save the tooling cost and time.

Product Qualification

  all the products we manufactured are Rohs parts, and we have the certification like SGS,and other certifications.

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prototype engineering.jpg

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 Q: Can ACG can support the design service?

   A:Yes,  we can help customer for the design and provide some suggestions.


 Q: What's the MOQ of the prototype order?

   A:One piece is accepted.

 Q: what's the lead time?

   A:It depends on how complex of the product and the quality, Normally 1 week.

We are known as one of the leading heat- sinks and relating hardware manufacturers and suppliers in China. Please rest assured to buy our the prototype by precision machining rapid prototyping machine parts, and the customized orders are also welcome. For quotation, welcome to contact our factory.
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